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Expect the Unexpected

If there is anything you can definitely expect in learning to maximize your productivity, it’s going to be that you will have some new experiences.  Some good, some bad, some productive and some not but all will teach you something and all are useful to learn an important trait of any productivity master, the trait of adventure!

As you read in my last article about persistence, once you have that underway, you will find yourself needing to change plans and try new action steps to find what works and does not work.  This will undoubtedly bring new challenges and you will certainly have new adventures along the way.

Learn From It

As you progress with your new perspective, focus, attitude and persistence, you will be building many experiences and adventures to learn from.  Take account of what changes you’ve made in each of these areas and how it works to expand your productivity.  Adventures are also wonderful ways to remember things.  The mind wires far more associations for new experiences that are adventurous than it does for boring and unexcited regular events.  If you think that you can maximize productivity without having any adventures that excite the mind, you’ll be missing something.  Making things more exciting, taking risks, and just being more energetic in your activities is adventurous and an easy way to make tasks more fun, contagious and easier to do.

Story Telling

I’ve written about the advantages of storytelling before but looked at it with a number of advantages except that for productivity.  There is definitely a lot of advantages in having adventurous stories to help teach and learn things.  I think that the spirit that is needed for successful storytelling is the same that is needed for an adventurous spirit for productivity.  These are all similarly important for using adventure to be more productive:

  • look for the positive things
  • make a strong point
  • highlight humorous details
  • stay excited and energetic
  • put expression into the way you tell it
  • reuse successes and stories that work well
  • paint a vivid picture in your mind
  • enjoy telling and remembering it

All these things are important for an adventurous spirit and it’s that spirit that builds on your attitude and actions to be even more productive.

Connections and Relationships

While you can certainly have adventures on your own, most people would agree that they are much more memorable and exciting if you have them with other people.  These relationships built during adventures can be very deep as they don’t just connect people at a daily superficial level but in some exciting shared experience.  It feels good to share these memories with others and it definitely reinforces the desire for such adventures when they go well.  The same applies with being more productive, if you do it together with close connections and relationships, it is much more satisfying to share the successes together.  You can feed off each other and encourage each other to get through some of the difficult times and you can make a more difficult adventure much more bearable by having a friend at your side.  Becoming productive is not all easy and you will certainly reach points where it just doesn’t feel good.  That could be due to struggles, difficulties in learning new things, tough habits to break, relationships strained because of change, challenges in not know the answers or right approach.  All of these make maximizing your productivity hard and so any close connections and relationships you have to get through that are very important.

Comfort Zone

An adventurous soul is one who is not afraid to try new things and take on new challenges.  This happens only when you break out your normal life habits that feel comfortable and get into a new zone of change and unknown.  Its these areas that you will discover the most and learn about yourself.  Think about the most amazing and inspiring stories and adventures you have ever heard.  Where they about a guy who did his day job for 45 years, played golf and bingo for 20 more and then died?  No, they are about people who do the unthinkable, challenge the impossible, overcome unbeatable odds, continuously do outrageous and ridiculous things.  They are the adventures and people who have surprising events, massive change in their lives, zero or little comfort and are happy and willing to do what most consider to be a little on the side of crazy.  It’s about reaching past your everyday life and expanding it, stretching your abilities and pushing yourself and your limits farther than most are willing.  That comfort zone we settle into with a wall of possessions holds us to a level of complacency and comfort that is tough to break free of.  Change That!  Look for some adventure and get out of your comfort zone.  Do it in areas of productivity and you will discover things about yourself you never know possible.  You can do more than you ever knew and you’ll quite likely, find you enjoy it a whole lot more than you ever thought possible.

I hope I can encourage at least some of my readers here to take a serious look at this with your productivity in your life.  Whether you are a student, worker, blogger, teacher or parent, recognize the things you are repeating over and over in your life.  Do they make you happy?  Do you want more of those or is there some room for change and new adventures?  What have you always wanted to be better at but never taken a step to master?  Is there any adventures you could take to help you study and increase your productivity in your life?  I hope so.  I’d love to hear about your ideas, please comment below or add your stories of adventure

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