I’ve looked at various topics here at LearnThis.ca around improving your productivity in your life through techniques, tools, skills and practices but I’ve never linked or presented many of them together.  This is an introduction only for the start of a series of articles that do just that and it will look at maximizing productivity in all areas of your life.  I’ve learned from everything I read that personal development has a fairly high level of overlap in how things can be applied and even though there are very specific things to look at with each article, book or coaching idea, there is also a lot of overlap between them.  This series will examine how those overlapping themes can be learned, applied and mastered for maximizing our productivity.  So, please read through the topics and come back for the rest of this series!  Subscribe to my RSS feed or email feed to ensure you don’t miss any!


I guess the first point to understand is what is productivity.  While productivity as a definition is simply producing readily and abundantly, that itself leaves a huge gap as to what you are producing.  And that is where I will start things off in this series by looking at your life, tasks, work and everything you do and wish to do from a perspective that matters to you!  Being productive is useless if it’s not on the things that matter to you.  So perspective is first.


Next in the series will be to explore attitude.  So much about personal development and certainly this site is about your attitude towards things.  This is no less true when it comes to learning and mastering productivity.


The right knowledge and attitude towards something is useless if you have no time or attention spent on it.  Focus is absolutely required to become productive and really, it is a key part of the action steps.  We’ll look closer at how to apply focus in our lives and to gain the most from doing it!


Productivity is something that seems to come and go for a lot of people.  We all go through phases in life so of course there will be variation, but maximizing productivity is about applying the right techniques to be consistent.  With all the things that can get in the way, we need to be very persistent to make this happen.  We’ll look specifically at how to do this once you’ve captured segments of great productivity.  Keeping it going is the real payoff!


Everyone knows how challenging life can be and that it seems to throw stuff in our way all the time.  Most people think of those things as obstacles to avoid and prevent but what about the adventure that comes with those obstacles.  Most of the great stories in life and of people are always about ridiculous odds, crazy circumstances, difficult challenges, surprising events, and all kinds of other things that just don’t happen every day.  Looking to make some of these things happen is a great way to expand your ability to produce and we’ll discuss how those adventures can improve your productivity.


All this work is lost within a single person’s life if it isn’t shared with others.  You’ll also require the help of others if you really want to be at your maximum productivity.  This article will explore the value of connections and relationships in maximizing your productivity.

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