Plan An Escape

If you find yourself in a slump and don’t want to stay there the first step to getting out of that slump is to plan an escape.  You need to look at what can be done to turn things around.  You need to be careful not to just accept the same thing as what led you there in the first place.  It’s all too easy to keep on doing the same thing and that will typically lead you right back to the same results so know that you need to do something new.  Plan some changes to several areas at once to ensure you eliminate more of the factors that are holding you in the slump in the first place.

Take Action

A good plan is nothing without some action towards achieving it.  Put some of those steps in place that are needed to complete your plan and look to tackle them.  Don’t let yourself get demotivated if things are harder at first, after all that is how you got stuck in a rut in the first place.  Just continue to look for progress and measure yourself for those successes, ignoring other factors as you especially don’t want to make a slump look any worse than it is.

Do Things You Love

Your attitude is going to suffer no matter what if you are in a slump.  Turning this around can get difficult when progress is slow or non-existent.  However, you can at least enjoy yourself a bit more by picking to do the things you love.  Latch on to your hobbies, your past times and the relationship you truly enjoy.  Even in your work, you can try to spend more time on the things you like to do and less on the tasks that just are not much fun.  Doing this can help to keep your spirit up and a more positive attitude.  Of course, this is useful anytime in life but it will seem even more powerful when you are in a slump.

You’ve Turned Things Around Before

Sometimes when you’re in a slump, you don’t feel like you have the drive or ability to get out of it.  Everything seems to be against you and you start to loose site of any positive outcomes.  It’s a cycle that just makes things even worse if you don’t look to turn it around.  You can do this by ignoring your situation and instead focusing on a time where you have gotten out of a slump before.  Any situation, any type of slump will do.  Think about what you felt and how you behaved to finally get out of that one?  As things turned around, you would have started to have some confidence just as things began to look more positive and the same feelings and reactions can be applied again.  I read about this technique in this article about being more confident and I think that confidence works the same way here.  You need it to get out of the slump and to get it, you can pull it from past experiences and focus to act and feel the same way to pull yourself out of a slump.

Don’t Give Up

If you give up, things will get worse and you will loose control of your actions in a negative time.  Continue to push towards your goals and just keep working to get out of the rut.  Persistence here is key even if you have failures, expect them, look past them and overcome them.


And finally, the one things that I think is the most important of all is to have faith.  Faith in knowing things will change and will improve, faith in the fact that you can make it through tough times, faith that there are others who know the same troubles and will help you through it, faith that your actions and attitude will make a difference, faith that you can and will persist no matter how long things last, faith that there is something to be learned by all your struggles, and finally, faith that there is a God with grace and an open heart waiting for you to lean on him to develop a relationship and find your purpose and reasons to continue.  Faith in this may lead you in new directions, unexpected places and potentially even other hardships but the rewards by service to others and God will always come to fruition.  When that occurs, however, is not up to us.

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