Free PDFs of Each Series

I wanted to mention since many feed subscribers would miss this, that I’ve added a Free Resources page to where I have each of my series of articles available for download each as a single PDF file.  If you have missed any of these series or want to share them with someone else or just keep it or print it for reference, these PDFs will make it MUCH easier for you.  Please take a moment and check out and download the PDFs from this new Free Resources page.

Additional Content

Some great content I’ve discovered lately is worth mentioning here.  I’ve come across all of these from my reading in the last couple months and thought these were simply great.


The How to Be Interesting Series at

The Zone at

3 Articles on the subject of Discovering Your Purpose at

The Happy at Work manifesto by Alexander Kjerulf

Many of you know how much I love books.  I’ve read 30 books from this list of 100 .  It’s a great list of books for managers, leaders and humans.  (in other words, EVERYONE) which is definitely worth using for some of your next reading material.

Blog Resources

Glenn has a HUGE list of excellent personal development blogs listed on .  Not only have I read many of these but know many of the bloggers and I can tell you, there is some exceptional work if you dig through this list.

Happiness Is Better

100 Blogs that Will Inspire You to Be a Better Person

Productive Magazine – Last but not least this month is a new magazine with a lot of fantastic content on productivity including many articles from great bloggers I follow on a regular basis.  This is a real gem, go sign up for it today!

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