class=”alignright” src=”” alt=”Handshake” /> I heard a very interesting suggestion by a colleague at work recently about the value you suggest when selling a product or closing a deal.  The suggestion was this:

Do not thank someone for their business when you close a sale, complete your service or sell some product.  Instead congratulate them for their investment and thank them for their time they spent with you.

The reasoning behind this is that thanks often implies that you got the better end of the deal.  When someone gives you a gift, you say thanks.  When they left you go first and offer you something, you say thanks.  Doing this with a sale can subconsciously imply you got the better end of the deal.  You don’t a customer to think that so you are better off congratulating them for the investment they make.  This transfers the idea that THEY got the better end of the deal and leaves them feeling they have something now more valuable than the money in exchange for it.

When I think back now to all the things I’ve purchased and how I felt when buying them, I actually do remember several people how congratulated me on my purchase instead of thanking me and I still remember them in my mind even years later.  I never quite realized or registered why that might be so, and this simple suggestion has now brought that to light for me.  I hope you get some value from it and may also be able to use it in your transactions you make with others.  It’s a great attitude to have and really does portray more value is transferred than when you are thanked for the business.

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