I hear so many debates with employees and writers about how hard they work or how hard they work compared to others.  Everyone has a a different meaning for what working hard really is.  What is yours?

It is NOT Working More?

The first thing here is to explore a couple of areas that it is NOT.  Working hard to me is not about working more or longer hours.  This of course has it’s use from time to time but I don’t consider someone who works more on something necessarily working any harder.  If you work a 35 hour week or a 70 hour week, perhaps you get the same amount of work actually completed?  Who was working harder?  Many people think the person working 70 hours is working harder.  Not to me but again, depends how to look at things.  Working more hours to get the same thing done in some ways is working harder but clearly this is undesirable.  Who doesn’t want to get the same amount done in less time, after all?

Working Harder is Really Working Smarter

So, to work harder from the example above you need to work at the right things to get the same thing done in less time.  If you are still producing the same amount of output in less time, then you are working on smarter things that deliver more per hour.  This is what working harder is to me.

Less Time is Really Working Harder

Even though it often seems that more time on something is useful, it’s not.  That is just a recipe asking for waste and overwork for no good reason.  A bit of extra time spend to figure out the right things to work on and the items with the most payoffs per hour spent can make a huge impact on your time put into working.  This can enable you to actually have less time working while getting the same amount done. This is known as the 80 / 20 rule or the Pareto principle where 80% of your output comes from 20% of the actual time working at that.  Use this to your advantage and start working harder only by spending less time on the right things!

What Attitude Do You Have About Working Harder

  • Do you think working harder is working longer hours?
  • Do you think working harder is about working smarter in less hours?

What attitude do you portray about hard work with your friends and colleagues?  Do they know what working hard means to you?  Can you leave at the end of a 8 hour work day feeling satisfied that you truly did work hard through it?  Please share some of your attitudes about working hard, I’d love to know what others think about this topic?

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