Here is another round up of my favorite articles, blogs and resources I found during February and March.

My Leadership Series (along with my other series) is now available in my free-resources page as a single download-able Leadership PDF ebook .� Please feel free to grab it or pass it along (and the other free ebooks there) to anyone who might enjoy it!

Another change I’ve made to my site here is putting up an Amazon bookstore for all the books I’ve reviewed and highly rated/recommended.  If you’re interested in ordering any of these books, feel free to order them through my bookstore !

Great Articles / Blogs

Cool Products

Adam gave me a free copy of his IQ Matrix MasterMind Mindmap to review and here is what I thought.� To be honest, I’ve never really spent much time looking at someone else’s mindmap even though I use them myself quite often.� This one is a gigantic mindmap with so many paths to explore you really do have to keep coming back to it.� The drawn beautifully and has a lot of areas obviously well researched to fit them in as it seems to cover the topic quite well.� In fact, it gives me a lot of ideas for topics to write about as well which perhaps many of you would find in it also.� Check out his site and free maps if you want to get a better idea and actually read one completely through, they have a wealth of knowledge in them. check it out .

Blog Lists


I’ve published articles through the following blog carnivals this last month as well.� Many great articles and blogs to follow though all of these.

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