Cell phones and all other communication devices are becoming so natural in everyone’s lifestyles that they are really an extension of an individual.  While the device may be separate from you, your usage of it is still a direct demonstration of you as a person so it should be considered part of your voice.  How you use it and the etiquette you have with it is a direct indicator of your own manners.

These factors seem obvious to me and they are actually the reasons why I don’t have a cell phone.  I find most cell phone users to be completely unaware of how their usage of their phone portrays their own etiquette.  Sometimes it seems that phone users think they are in their own little world when they use their phone.  Surprise surprise, others can still hear you and your phone when you use it. Because of this, here are some tips to make better use of your phone.

Your Cell Phone Ring

It’s one thing to have a unique ring, but another to have an annoying one.  You really should pick a ring that is unique so you can easily identify your own phone’s ring, but you should never pick one that is annoying. Your ring is not only heard by you, but everyone around you, strangers, your friends, your colleagues and even potential employers.  You should keep it professional and tolerable.

The other thing with you phone’s ringer you should get in the habit of using is the silent mode or vibrate mode.  Spare those around you and put the phone on silent mode so you don’t interrupt them.  After all, no one else cares when your phone rings so why would force them to hear it?  There is nothing more annoying than people who have a cell phone that rings when they leave it on their desk and walk away from it.  If you don’t keep your phone on you all day, you should definitely keep it on silent.  And if you do keep it on you, then there is no reason not to use vibrate mode.

Your Cell Phone Volume

CellPhone The volume you use on your cell phone isn’t much different than the volume of your own voice in a conversation.  Do you think it’s polite to be yelling in a conversation?  Of course not, nor is it polite to have a cell phone so loud others can hear your conversation.  The same goes for the ringer.  Keep the volume down!

Your Cell Phone Interruptions

This is what bothers me the most from cell phone users.  Taking a call no matter where or what you are doing with no regard to what or who you are interrupting.  When someone is in a conversation, is it polite to instantly interrupt them? Well no, so you shouldn’t let anyone do this in a conversation with your cell phone either.  Put attention and priority to who you are physically with and turn your cell phone off or at least don’t answer it when you are in a conversation.  Let it go to voice mail.  You show great respect to an individual if you let them be your prime focus when in a conversation instead of letting your phone interrupt you.  When you do put attention to your phone interruption, it sends the message to the party you were first talking to in person that your phone call (even before you know who it was) was more important to you and that you’d rather take the call.  Not really a polite thing to do.

Your Cell Phone Distractions

Not only do the call interruptions impact the people you interrupt, but calls also become major distractions to your own productivity and activities.  If you are busy working on something or focusing on a task, phone calls and ringing cell phones just distract you from that.  Most calls are truly not that important and there is always voice mail to answer the call for you so you can then check all your messages together at a later time.  This allows you to stay focused on your tasks at the right time and then batch process your messages on your cell phone when you are ready to.  Eliminating these distractions lets you accomplish more, be more productive and to be more professional in your relationships and manners with your cell phone.

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