Creativity is one of my most favored traits and any activity with creative components is one I can easily value.  My engineering role in designing software, developing others as a manager in new and creative ways and my writing and 3D graphics I create on the side are all examples of how I enjoy letting creativity spill out in life.  I personally believe I’ve been crafted with the gift of creativity (as is everyone) and so there is great purpose and value in employing creative tasks in your life.

There are many ways to boost your creativity and it really is a part of any learning experience and new task so its an endless topic, which excites me a great deal because ultimately, the exercise of writing about it is also a creative exercise.  This article looks specifically at how one can build an imaginative mind using creativity.  An imaginative mind is one that can visualize beyond direct input and one that can explore things outside of the immediate reality and vicinity.  To me, this is a great ability and one I am quite passionate about so, lets explore it a bit deeper!

Initializing Thoughts

Our thoughts are nearly continuous and tuning in to them can be done specifically for creative juices.  Often we suppress our own ideas or thoughts in a split second without ever letting it surface to a voice or considered item.  We often put a validation screen on our thoughts and bias everything we let surface by the judgments we assign or expect others to assign to that thought.  This limits our mental creativity and kills a thought that would otherwise become the start of a great associative linking of thoughts and advanced creativity.  We need to let any thought be developed and explored as our mind makes the neural connections and associations with more and more thoughts.  This can happen in moments or it may take hours but it most imaginative if you let a thought continue to build and linger, don’t dismiss it or kill it on purpose.  Ever.


Putting the mind to an exploratory session like this is also known as brainstorming.  Brainstorming is often considered something you do in groups and while that is true, it needs the same guidelines in your mind to let the imaginative mind explode with its full capacity and creativity available. Brainstorming at its best means that anything thought of on a given topic is valid.  Anything goes. Any idea is considered no matter how obscure or off-base it may first seem to the logical mind.  Logic is often the nemesis of creativity as we tend to judge our ideas and thoughts the moment they begin and we simply don’t give our imaginative mind a chance to develop them.

  1. Explore as many possibilities as you can
  2. Any idea is worth exploring at least for a short time
  3. Sometimes you need to give ideas time and let the subconscious work away


Outside the Box

The other effect our logical mind has is to keep us bounded into what seems reasonable.  This unfortunately has a very negative consequence on our imagination as its very difficult to explore outside this box of reason or box of logic.  The logical mind is bounded by what we know as well so anything outside this box is suppressed by any logic at first consideration.  It’s important to get by this and let the creativity and idea be unbounded and originated from well outside the box.

The imagination is an amazing thing and you can certainly allow it to take hold of you in visualizing, day dreaming or full on dreaming.  We’ve all experienced the power of the mind’s creativity in dreams and its possible to enable that same creativity in waking life if it’s practiced and repeated instead of suppressed.  Let your mind wander, have fun with it, just imagine what that seemingly crazy idea might actually be like if you explore it further in your mind.

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