Favorite Picks Recently

Here are a few of my favorite items I’m either been sent or have come across in my browsing and reading online in the last little while.  Not as big of list as usual, I’ll admit.  Its due to much less reading lately online and work with other things, either way, here are some gems I’ve come across, I hope you enjoy em!

Online Graphics and Paint Application

I’m just so impressed with these online tools I have to share them with you as well.  They are three online paint and image applications that allow you to create and manipulate photos and other images in your browser.  They have many features of commercial applications but these ones are free, run from anywhere and don’t require any installation.  Definitely worth having a book mark for, check em out!!

Blog Carnivals

And as usual, I continue to publish some content in blog carnivals and have continued to see other great resources at them for related topics and good sources of personal development and leadership content.  Here are a few I’ve either participated in or found that I enjoy recently.

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