I have another collection of cool resources for you to browse…  These first ones are some random articles I’ve really like over the last month or so…

Here is an article I wrote for my company’s new product website (just recently started) about Exceptional Customer Service.

Armen of Timeless Information included my response on some questions about competition along with 7 other bloggers.  Quite an interesting set of responses that I found well worth reading.

Farouk of 2KnowThyself.com sent me details about his site.  He’s got some amazing quantity of content on many topics.  I browsed the topic of motivation and the articles look pretty decent.  Definitely worth a look and I’m sure you’ll be stunned like I was at how much this one man has written!!

Fetching Fridays at Kikolani– Fridays have an excellent collection of resources week after week (among the site’s articles themselves)

The 100 Lists Continued:

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