Life purpose is not something you can automatically know until you truly understand yourself and your talents.  Many people go through life and never discover their purpose and others go through many years of their life thinking they are living on purpose only to find out in their later years they were chasing something that had to lasting meaning to them.  Can your purpose really be something that has no lasting meaning?  I certainly don’t think so.

The Importance of Life Purpose

So, why is life purpose important anyway?  To me, life purpose is incredibly important as it is the driving force that motivates us, satisfies us, brings us joy and lasting happiness and demonstrates to ties directly to the meaning of success!  Most people want to be successful but they really don’t even know what success means to them!  Success is not something you go and achieve, chase down or earn at some point in your life.  I think most of you would agree that success is more about the journey in life than the destination of some ideal outcome.  Success to me is defined specifically by purpose.

Success is living consistently on purpose.

So, I don’t believe you can ever be successful if you don’t understand your purpose, and then life it to the best of your ability.

Seeking Life Purpose

As I mentioned, finding your life purpose takes time and a deep exploration of oneself.  You must ask yourself many questions to determine your purpose.  Life purpose is not unlike any other time in life where you have written or defined the purpose.  Perhaps, you can think back to school science experiments, or important meetings or projects in your work.  You face some challenge or problem and then you create something to solve that problem.  What you have created to solve that problem and how you will go about it is the purpose of experiment, or meeting, it is to solve the problem you face.  So, what about your own life?  What were you created for?  Are you here to solve a problem and fulfill that purpose?  What is the problem?  What are you hoping to solve?

Where Purpose Comes From

Obviously, I cannot tell you what your purpose is, I can, however, plant the seed for you to seek it and discover it but telling someone their purpose without knowing and understanding that person is rather judgmental and I don’t think has any useful impact.  I can tell you that I discovered my purpose through God, my Creator and that my purpose is to bring the Kingdom of God into all facets of my life by setting an example and living a life like Jesus Christ. I believe that we are each guided by our Creator and will ultimately find purpose through Him but I also believe that we each serve a purpose for a much larger problem and that not all of us will discover spiritual relationships as part of our life purpose. Some will find purpose in creating, some in building relationships, serving others, some in leaving a legacy, some in teaching, serving others, all without knowing where their life purpose comes from.  And luckily that is OK, because many people will follow a purpose in life and be completely fulfilled.

And by my definitely, if you are living consistently on purpose, you are successful.

Interested in the topic of purpose?  I hope so as I plan to write more and please go back and explore this article I wrote on the search for life purpose.

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