Purpose is a wonderful topic to explore, and I believe that it’s a wonderful topic for every person to explore throughout their life.  Purpose is something that ought to drive everyone’s lives, and unfortunately not everyone takes the time to discover it for themselves.  Purposes also a much debated topic, and the notion of living for something that is greater than ourselves is not always easy to believe or understand.  Critics like to argue against purpose in that if you are really fulfilling your life’s purpose, and doing it not for yourself, then you shouldn’t be making money doing it.  I think you can do both, live with the purpose, and make money as a result, which is why I came up with that title for this article, “Making Money on Purpose”.

The Money ConnectionLife purpose and pathway

Since money is so connected in everything we do, it spills over into our exploration for purpose as well.  The question of, “Why do we do things?” and similar question, “What should we be doing?”,  unfortunately are affected heavily by money.  Making money at something is not necessarily a sign that you are not doing it for a reason beyond yourself, even though there are obviously many many examples where people continue to live a life chasing money instead of a greater purpose.

The Blinders of Money

Money and materialism puts blinders on all of us.  Those blinders prevent us from seeing the big picture of life and we are stuck seeing only the next object in our life, the next promotion or the money attached to the things we buy, the time we spend and the places we go.  We fail to see the value to others and the value to God in what we do, what we work towards and what we spend our money on.  The value in those areas however are a direct sign of how we are living our purpose and we ought to consider them more carefully.

Making Money on Purpose

If we can see the connection of money to purpose and remove or at least reduce the blinders we experience in how we value money, we do have the chance to make money with our purpose in life.  Purpose is not by how much money we are, but by how we go about doing it.  It is possible to make money or earn a living while working towards a purpose beyond ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s the purpose that motivates us and not the money.

Being able to connect our passions, vocation, and relationships to a greater purpose is an incredibly fulfilling path to follow, regardless of whether money is earned along the way.  Following a career path that utilizes the talents we each possess will make money on purpose, its unavoidable and there is nothing wrong with it.  Our God given talents are the areas in life that we have the best chances to succeed with and using them allows us to develop skills faster than in other areas with a much greater impact in the results we get.  They simply come more naturally for us, and will be far more rewarding when used in a life of purpose.

Purpose Creating Wealth

I want to take the idea of making money on purpose just one step farther.  Consistently living on purpose is the definition I use for success, and I’m certain that each and every one of us if we are using the best of our talents in a purpose driven life, will not only make money but also much greater wealth.  To me, money is a shortsighted view of wealth even though they are closely related because most people define wealth to be measured in dollars.  Wealth to me though should be measured by what you do with your money and how you do.  If we’re making money while living on purpose, the wealth we build will be determined by what we do with the money we earn as well as all the other benefits we will realize in the journey of living a life of purpose.

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