Another month gone by and of course I’ve collected another set of excellent resources and favorite articles for your review.  I think you will enjoy all these excellent articles and links to even more resources.  Feel free to add comments for any that you think just MUST be in these resource lists as well.

8 Fantastic Ebooks Right Here at

Perhaps you are fairly new here and never seen one of my series or you stick to your RSS feed and don’t browse my site much.  Well, it’s about time you did and you should head on straight over to my FREE RESOURCES page to check out the 8 free ebooks I have available for download.  These are compiled from the longer series I’ve published on my site over the last two years and definitely worth getting in pdf format for reference or to easily share with others. I’d love it if you can spread the word, share them and help promote that page in any way.  The 8 books are titled:

  • Imaginative Mind
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Maximum Productivity
  • Better Communication
  • Being Humble
  • Goal Setting
  • Passion

Favorite Articles

  • Top ten reasons managers become great – Orienting yourself towards others and success is critical in life.  These items are specific to applying that for being a great manager.
  • How To Multiply Your Talents – The talents we are each given have immense power when used and multiplied for use in life.
  • The Value of Networking With Others – Blogging has a critical point of networking for success and Jonathan highlights many great lessons learned and how to build that network in this article.
  • This Is How Consultant Loses Trust – I’ve always enjoyed Alik’s insight and this article is no exception, he takes important lessons from a book and covers clearly how to guard our trust in consulting.  I think it can be applied to life and relationships as well.
  • How Fascinating is Your Message? – Another great article at LeadershipNow covering how to make your message something with a little more life to it.
  • Beyond Valentines Day – A wonderful article about extending love to others
  • 100 Ways to Save the Environment – There seem to be 100 lists everywhere!  This is a one with many ideas to help the environment
  • 7 Reasons a Blog Is a Phenomenal Personal Development Tool – Easy to relate to this article, as I find many of the same reasons.
  • Naked in Eden Blog – Here is an excellent introduction, description and outline of Robin’s ‘down to earth’ blog.
  • The Zinger 2020 Vision – David Zinger continues to drive the awesome employee engagement network and this article looks at what that could be in 2020.
  • Brain Neuroplasticity is much to learn from and this site is a great resource. This article covers some implications of brain research over a decade of focus.

Learning Resources

  • 50 Free Computer Science Classes Online – I was contact about this list of great resources and from first look, it seems that there is a wealth of knowledge available in these links and recommendations about online computer training.

Blog Carnivals

I still often submit my articles to a number of blog carnivals and I am continually impressed by the great content available in these.  Here are some of the carnivals that my articles have been featured in and I encourage you to explore there for all the other great articles that are included.

Additional Blogs and Resources

Armen at Timeless Information has a cool new page up with a ranked list of all the personal development / self improvement sites in one place. Very cool…

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