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As I look back at older articles here I realize just how much content and useful articles there still are from early on here at LearnThis.ca.

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I wanted to highlight a few sites I’ve found from my own interests and hobbies.

  • Earthship Biotecture – these homes really intrigue me from the point of view of how self sustaining they are, I love plants and especially the idea of growing so much inside your home and all the renewable resources used for these excellent new sustainable homes.  I have a strange feeling I will have one of these at some point in my life, something about them really interests me.  Anyway, have a look at the site and some videos about the technology behind every Earthship.
  • Remote Control Vehicles – this is a wildly popular hobby and there are so many excellent models now available it can be a really fun hobby to get into.  I learned how to fly (barely since I’ve not practiced much) a 6 axis helicopter and it is quite a challenge.  If you are at all interested you can check out moe helicopter models here.  I strongly advice running a simulator though before starting with any real models to see if you like it and can learn to fly first. Or fly with a friend or local club first before spending much money on fly models, as they are much more difficult than land vehicles.
  • With my love for extreme mountain unicycling I’m always looking for new hiking/riding trails and I’ve found a site that is just a fantastic resource for trails all across north America so I figured it would be useful to many readers who share interests in related areas.  Anyway, the site is called TrailPeak and you can search for all kinds of trails anywhere in NA including specifics for Earth, snow and water style of trails.  It’s quite a fantastic site and provides community based collection of pictures, maps, descriptions and trail ratings and is by far the biggest and most accurate site I’ve seen for this.

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