Career progress and performance is an important area in life and through my experience in striving to improve my performance I’ve learned to find many ways to perform well in my career.  It’s not been without its share of hard work though!  And as a manager, I also have insight and perspective from the other side of expectations and performance improvements and so these career tips come from that mix of experience and from my own study and practice in my career.  Please comment below if you have related experience or any experience/stories where you have used this tip!

Fill the Gaps

This tip is really about one specific thing that if you look at doing consistently and doing everything you can in this area, you will be more successful in your career, hopefully in the short term and definitely in the long term.  The tip is to regularly seek out any noticeable gaps anywhere you can in your workplace.  These can include any number of things in numerous areas:

  • Your own performance
  • New simple roles that no one is responsible for
  • Tasks that need an owner or completion that is long outstanding
  • Addressing or raising an obvious but unsaid concern
  • Helping someone who obviously could use it
  • Offer written suggestions that could solve organizational challenges
  • Volunteer to take something new one when the opportunity arises
  • Ask people about what went well and what went wrong to know what needs addressing and repeating

Doing these things comes at some expense and if you are wise, you will identify the low priority things in your work or tasks to ensure you make the time to fill the gaps you come across.  Eliminating wasteful activities, extra work, repetitive work, non-important work, and by prioritizing your focus, you will ensure you have capacity to fill the gaps and make a difference in those areas.  It’s in these areas that you can excel in your career and make the difference in your results, your inspiration and hopefully, even in building your own internal motivation.  So, don’t sit back and let your career progress without putting in effort to find and fill the gaps.

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