Career progress and performance is an important area in life and through my experience in striving to improve my performance I’ve learned to find many ways to perform well in my career. It’s not been without its share of hard work though! And as a manager, I also have insight and perspective from the other side of expectations and performance improvements and so these career tips come from that mix of experience and from my own study and practice in my career. Please comment below if you have related experience or any stories where you have used this tip!

Show Enthusiasm in ALL of Your Work

Enthusiasm is one of the most contagious helpful traits you can express in your career and it includes enthusiasm in many areas, often areas you would not expect or perhaps even want to show. However, it can be a huge tool to rally support and encouragement from others, to help others reach higher potential with you and to keep a positive outlook for things that are challenging and risky that others shy away from and don’t dare to take risks on. The team i’m working with in my Brochure Printing company does that. Showing enthusiasm is necessary if you want to drive spirits up and to support the ideas of others in what you hear and learn about in your workplace.

You don’t always know where ideas are coming from and a general enthusiasm mustered up to push yourself into new areas can be a tremendous asset to the team dynamics. Team work and collaboration are always stifled when the work is not encouraging, fun or exciting to the team. Being enthusiastic into all the things you do will help to encourage and lead others.

The point to show enthusiasm in all your work is one you should not take lightly. Do you show enthusiasm for the work you love to do? What about showing enthusiasm for the work you are not so fond of as well? This might seem counter intuitive if you deep down hope to avoid the work, but what you may not realize is that the willingness and enthusiasm you can put into the work you would not put on the top of your likes list is critically important. It demonstrates to others and definitely your boss that you are willing to do or at least support all areas of your work and the work of others, not just the stuff you enjoy. This is important in business as there are always elements of a job that you will like better than others. Being enthusiastic about them all helps you to enjoy them more as well as it will usually draw others in to help if you are excited about something and you will likely be recognized to your enthusiasm as well.

Enthusiasm brings excitement in your work and it lightens the mood, draws support and interest for work that is otherwise uninteresting. It will certainly help you to fill gaps and is especially useful when you want to do the work your boss does since enthusiasm will always be easier to notice than dullness in your work.

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