Examining Your Own Belief Structure

We each steer our lives around a set of beliefs we have on ourselves, on others and on the world around us.  These beliefs shape our decisions, thoughts and ultimately our actions then as a result whether we know it or not.  It is beliefs that also shape us into the individuals we are and it is these very beliefs that limit or allow us to change and grow in our lives as well.  We all have them, we all have a unique set of beliefs even if many overlap, and we often don’t examine our beliefs enough to truly understand ourselves. Personal development is highly related to these beliefs and without taking time to understand them, we can never achieve the maximum personal growth we desire.  So, in this article we will explore our belief structures as they are in intermingled critical point

It is common to reflect on questions about ourselves, about our character traits and the description we have of ourselves, and most people can do that quite easily but it’s much more difficult to describe one-self entirely on the beliefs that we have.  That is where I feel the true character is revealed and knowledge of those beliefs lets each of us to move those from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind where we can shift our beliefs and decisions more easily by choice.  Without examining your own belief structure, we easily confuse our beliefs and how they steer us, with situational excuses or victimization, both which highly limit our ability to change and grow in areas we are striving for improvement in to become a better person.

Core Values and Principles

Core values and principles are often looked at to define things or a person, but they are unfounded without also looking at the beliefs that shape them.  Values and principle are really just the actions or results we show because of what we believe.  For example, take integrity as a value or principle.  Integrity is something that is shown when a person acts consistently with good judgment.  Well that judgment is really part of the underlying belief.  A person with integrity believes that making the right choice and acting consistently in those actions is worth doing or the right thing to do.  The moral aspect here is not the point, the belief in this moral aspect however, is.  You can have a similar value or principle with a negative side as well that is triggered by a belief.  Some people believe that if they don’t get their way, then they will also lose power and it is a sign of weakness.  The belief of this being a weakness steers that anger.


Core values then turn into action as we choose our activities in life.  Perhaps our activities come about from circumstances you may think, but I think they are much more in line with our beliefs than we let ourselves realize.  In fact, all of our actions are at the very least, influenced by our beliefs and so our activities are a result of choice, and the choices we each make are a direct result of our beliefs that steer those choices.  So, beliefs impact this area of our lives as well.

Aspirations and Dreams

And finally, the area I so love to write about. Aspirations. Dreams.  Everything we hope to become and do and learn is wrapped up inside our many aspirations.  Our aspirations and dreams are a reflection of character and they define the spirit within that holds them. Our dreams as children create a path for life that could be followed by what imagination places in our minds.  This creative mind is a catalyst to forming new beliefs and generates an internal motivation and drive to make the imaginative aspects reality, therefore also forging the belief the dream is based on into a realization.  If only it were left on its own for this to happen…

Unfortunately, our dreams as children and aspirations through life are not shaped only by our imaginations.  They are also shaped by the endless social aspects that form the majority of our beliefs and it is these beliefs that limit and bound our capabilities.  Some people rely more heavily on these social influences than others, but we are all affected by them to some degree.  The problem with them is that the social aspect makes wild dreams and aspirations something to be avoided, since it is less likely to ‘fit in’ or to be ‘realistic’ as others define it.  To avoid embarrassment, fear of rejection and the many other limiting beliefs, we often succumb to what is more regularly accepted as ‘normal’ and we stop chasing our dreams.  The beliefs that these social aspects are either more important or perhaps more likely shapes the decision we make when it comes to aspirations.  Some of us accept being the social outcast and are willing to take those consequences by still going for their ‘unique’ dream and others ignore their dreams in order to be accepted more by others.  Both are beliefs, the difference is that we easily forget about the daily influences and beliefs that we all wish deep down we were not limited by.

So with all this weighing on your mind and thoughts, I leave you with just a simple question.  What beliefs in your life are the strongest ones you have and how are they shaping your choices?

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