I’ve got a short list of resources this month as I’ve really not spent any time surfing or using social media this month.  Too much great outdoors to enjoy and explore lately so here are the few top picks I had from what I have been reading and enjoying!

Favorite Articles and Highlights from June

Treasure Trove of 50 Free Classic Personal Development eBooks

Naked in Eden (Book Trailer) – Robin has become a good online friend through our blogs and so her book and site are definitely worth a preview. You’ll find some nice insights of caicoswheels.com.

How to Avoid The Personal Development Plateau – Marc and Angel always have great coverage of ideas and this article is a good resources for continuing personal development.

Sharing Life Skills Newsletter – a new personal development newsletter that I contributed to for Jonathan from Advanced Life Skills.  This looks like it is going to be a great growing resource and currently available for free so please do go check out the premier issue and sign up for future issues.

Lists and Archives

From my own archives here, I thought I would highlight one of my earlier archives.  This one is about the common excuse everyone makes about not having enough time.  This is easier than you might think to overcome.

LearnThis has made it into another top blog list.  This one is the Top 50 productivity blogs to watch in 2010. Thank you so much for the inclusion among all of these great blogs!

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