My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest

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Author : Robin Easton

I have to say that I didn’t know what to expect reading this book from Robin (I’ll have to use a first name basis knowing her already even though I would normally use an author’s last name).  I’ve known of her for some time through blogging but never really connected strongly with her until this past year where we have spent more time reading each other’s content and commenting back and forth.  And in doing so I have to say, I have learned that Robin is a very expressive and heartfelt person in her responses, compliments and writing.  So, when I had the offer to read her book I was excited to find out more about her through her writing and learn more about her stories through her book.  I’m so glad I did!

Naked in Eden is a book that I would never have picked up myself in a bookstore without having the reference of Robin first because I’ve really not ventured out too much past personal development, leadership, business and Christian book genres.  A few exceptions to that of course for various other interests but this time what I knew about Robin and her interest in nature certainly excited me to explore her book.  I have to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it very hard to put it down as I found myself absorbed in her fascinating and exciting stories of the rain forest, self discovery, fear, love and life.  The writing itself is a journey into the thoughts, discoveries and mindset of the author as a young woman exploring herself and life on her own in the rain forest of Australia.  The book is an overall story of several years of her life but what I really found intriguing was the deep emotional reflection and writing about how she was thinking in those many months of isolation yet deep connection with the forest.  I especially see now how Robin’s deep emotional writing and soul filled content came to life in the forest.  It shows in how the story unfolds and I found that it especially shows in her writing.

The depth at which the stories and thoughts took me were a joy to read.  I just wrote to her in fact saying how the book has me still pondering the content, days after finishing it, which I consider to be a great thing.  I love any book that keeps me thinking.  I also really found the writing to touch a part of my own connection and love for nature and even though I don’t have the same burning desire to escape society and live in the forest, I certainly appreciate her love of nature and desire to have that understanding of oneself and one’s connection with nature to value it, protect it and love it.

The whole story I found quite gripping and I loved how her husband Ian plays such a different yet vital role both in her life at the time and in the story.  I found myself really wanting to know more about Ian’s perspective on life here as well.  The imagery was superb and I found it easy to imagine and escape myself into the forest with them, to see the characters and critters they faced and even the turmoil with their challenges, fears and emotions.  It is a book and story that I definitely recommend to anyone really.  The wildness of Australia and the rain forest add a great dimension to the book and there is actually quite a lot to learn about the area, the many poisonous snakes and critters, and of course the forest itself.  Last but not least, you will certainly learn a whole lot more about Robin Easton and how her life was changed and formed by her time in the forest.  I definitely found that to be the most exciting part.  I would love to hear the rest of the story, more of Ian’s story and how this still affects Robin today, years afterward.  I expect to have that opportunity directly with Robin and am looking forward to it.  You can find out more about the book at Robin’s site and you can order Naked in Eden on here.

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