This month I have a new collection of resources that will interest you as they relate to personal development and related subjects.  I missed getting a list out in July with so many holidays through the summer so I’m merged a few earlier ones here as well.

Favorite Articles

  • How Do You Spend Your Life Dollars – A cool look at how everything you do and buy relate to your life hours.  Makes you think about each your decisions to spend your time and money…
  • How to Reach 10000 Blog Subscribers – Any blogger will surely be interested in Steven’s new book to help you grow your subscribers.  His past 6 months of growth are a sign of his success and expertise on the subject.
  • The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion – Zenhabits I’m sure you have heard about.  This article I particularly like and love the subject of discovering and living your passions.
  • Alternative Sleep Cycles (Sleep is for the Weak) – OK, the title caught me on this one, however, I love learning about sleep patterns and cycles and find that that knowledge has certainly improved my life, health and productivity despite what is often published about the need for sleep.  This is a great article about various alternative sleep cycles.
  • Problem Definition – Litemind delivers another excellent guide on problem solving using techniques from Einstein.
  • How to Feel Great and Keep a Smile on Your Face – A great article about keeping happy with a smile on your face.
  • Stop Demotivating Me – A collection of work related actions that demotivate people.

Additional Resource News

  • The Personal Excellence Book – While this one isn’t free, for anyone who reads Celes’ work, you will already know about her quality writing and so her new eBook is definitely one to check out.
  • Productive Magazine – I could highlight this every issue released, since there are great articles in it.  However, you can easily signup if you want them, each issue has a number of articles on mastering productivity.

The 100 Lists Continue

I know I didn’t inspire all of these lists myself, but in making my own 100 Lists (see 100 Ways to Be a Better Leader) I know the effort and thought that goes into making these and how useful they are when completed.  Here a couple new 100 lists I like that I’ve seen lately.

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