This is a guest post written by Jonathan Fox, a personal trainer.  See his website and info below the article to contact him.

Our health is not something to take for granted, yet many of us do. Many of us dream of living a long and healthy life, yet in this age of fast food restaurants, cigarettes and alcohol, this prospect seems to be an unlikely one. But something can be done to nip unhealthy living in the bud. Remember, when it comes to your health, it is never too late or too early to start making changes.

Here we cover some ways you can change your lifestyle, frequent specific microcurrent and improve your quality of life. Some of these changes are simple, while others require a bit of work:


Forget about fad diets – Fad diets never work. Just think of all those people you know who lost huge amounts of weight, only to gain it all back. Talk about unhealthy living. The key to maintaining a fit and healthy body is to eat a balanced diet, which includes fruit, vegetables, meat, carbohydrates and lots of water. Combine this with regular exercise and you should look and feel healthy well into your old age.

And speaking of water – Drink lots.

Dunk the junk – Cutting out junk food should be easy enough as long as you make it inaccessible. Get rid of all the junk food in your fridge, and avoid the junk food aisle next time you go shopping.

Cut the caffeine – For many of us, coffee offers that much needed boost in the morning. But, as well as know, caffeine is a drug, and drugs are addictive. Caffeine, whether in coffee or in soft drinks, are
bad for your health. Rather opt for decaf if you must, or try herbal teas for a healthy alternative to you morning caffeine fix.

Opt for organic – Organic produce is all the rage these days, so why not jump on the bandwagon and join in on the hype? And besides being healthy, organic produce taste better too.

Enjoy healthy snacking – Most dieticians will agree that you need to have six small meals daily in order to maintain a healthy weight. Having a snack between meals is a great idea, but remember to make them healthy. That means no snacking on chocolates, crisps or the like, but instead opting for fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

Counting carbs – Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy diet, but some of them do more harm than good. Cut out bad carbs (i.e. white carbs) and instead switch to whole-grain alternatives.

So long sugar – Refined sugar is in just about everything, so it would do you well to read labels and avoid products like soft drinks and sweetened teas. High sugar intake leads to obesity, and have been known to be a contributing factor for heart attacks and strokes.


Get active – Getting up and moving is the best way to get your body back in shape. And we do not necessarily mean intense work-outs in the gym. A simple, leisurely walk twice a week can do wonders for your body and mind. If you are new to this, start small by taking a 30 minute walk twice a week. As time goes on, increase the time and frequency of your walks and get your blood pumping.

Don’t forget to stretch – Stretching is important before any strenuous activity as it assists with the flexibility and recovery of your muscles. But be careful as stretching can lead to injury if done incorrectly. Only stretch after you have warmed up, and again after a work out when the muscles are already warm.

Curb complacency – Find something that will motivate you to exercise and stick with it. People often get bored in fixed routines, and familiarity breeds contempt. So shake up your routine once in a while.


Surround yourself with friends and family – Friendships, family, love, happiness and laughter can greatly improve your quality of life.

Get friends that live healthy – You will be surprised at how influential your friends are in your life – whether good or bad. When it comes to healthy living, speak to friends who have the same goals as you, and lean on them for support.


Smoking stinks – Smoking is one of the leading causes of various cancers, heart disease, strokes and emphysema. Not to mention, it causes bad breath, yellowing of the teeth, wrinkles, and it smells bad. Check this out: e cigaret med nikotin.

Sleep tight – Try to get a good night’s sleep often – every night if possible. Experts suggest that eight hours of sleep per night is best for optimum results during the day. But it really depends on your diet, exercise and daily activities. At worst, try to get in at least six hours.

Do not forget about your teeth – Many people become lax about the health of their teeth. Visit your dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay, gum disease etc. Respect your teeth and enjoy a lifetime of pearly whites.

Practice safe sex – With the increase of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV AIDS, it is now more important than ever to protect yourself and your partner. Visit your local clinic and get informed.

A pill a day – A good multivitamin does wonders. If you are over 50, a good multivitamin with provide you with most of the nutrients and vitamins needed.

Check it out – Visit your doctor regularly for check ups. All men over the age of 50 should visit the doctor for a complete physical, including blood work and a prostate exam. This is also an age to be concerned about colon and prostate cancer. Schedule screenings with your doctor.  For women, visit your gynaecologist annually for cervical cancer screenings. Yearly mammograms are also required if you are over 40. This is also a common age for thyroid problems, high cholesterol, diabetes and colon cancer. Check your family’s medical history for any hereditary illnesses and prepare your screenings with your local GP.

This article was written by Jonathan Fox, a personal trainer who teaches people how to get a six pack.

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