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Author : Orna W. Drawas

It’s funny have easy it is to judge a book by its cover without meaning to.  I’m still not really sure why, but I guess partly from the title or images on the cover, I never expected this book to be a solid book or useful tips, recommendations and details about top performance.  It turns out, that initial impression was way off and ever chapter I read, I continued to be impressed with the content in this fairly short book.  The different angles of the book and analogies given are a refreshing change as well from the usual business situations for every example which I found to be creative and easy to understand how they can be applied not only in business, but in life.

The other main aspect of this book that I really liked was that it wasn’t too business focused.  It hit the mark in many areas of personal achievement and taking a serious look at life to put what’s important first and the rest aside.  I really value that and find it gets lost in many business books or books on top performance since they often have a narrow focus of achievement.  Drawas clearly balances work and life and many of the steps and tips are about not only discovering that but making the most use of that understanding in life then as well.

Many areas are covered and here are just a few of the highlighted areas:

  • Separate the relevant from the irrelevant
  • Get the job done quickly
  • Schedule time for your priorities
  • Free yourself from the terrors of your email inbox
  • Focus to do a few BIG things, not a bit of everything
  • A brilliant section and advice on handling interruptions in workday
  • Delegation
  • Meetings, handling them, making then useful
  • Action lists
  • Goals and purposeful activities

As you can see, these topics cover a wide range but I was impressed with the conciseness of each one and the excellent advice.  A end of the book is completely devoted to then applying these techniques in the workplace as well and Drawas doesn’t give the usual cliche style of implementation or old advice.  There are solid methods and steps to introduce each of these into a workplace and I believe this is the true value of the book then when it comes to implementing any of these.  You are not let guessing how to start or what to do with them, its all outlined.

There is certainly much of the content with the same processes and concepts as I’ve seen from other experts, authors and personal experience in this book so it is not all new, but it is a fresh reminder at the very least and in many places, quite insightful even though the topics may be know to you already.  I’d say this book overall deserves a very high rating as its an easy read, practically a business guidebook on all things you should know and it can help anyone to balance some things in their life with more purpose and planning, so I highly recommend it.

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