Favorite Articles

Its been a couple months since I posted a set of my favorite articles and resources so here are a number of great articles and excellent videos for you enjoy.

How to Capture the Ideas Worth Pursuing

Can You Live a Balanced Life With a Cluttered Mind?

Where Has All the Passion Gone

18 Things I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me At 18

111 Lessons Life Taught Us

How to Bounce Back When Things Go Wrong In Life

Are You Torn Between Different Creative Ambitions?

Incredible Videos

One of the most incredible research projects and results I’ve ever seen. The Birth of a Word – Ted Talks (by Deb Roy)

Another impressive Ted Talks about learning and teaching match with video and data systems for students and teachers (by Salman Khan)

With these couple of TED talks video, here is a great collection of TED talks for new graduates: The 20 Essential Ted Talks for New Grads

Another fantastic video to spread the movement of Earthships is this, about a great relief program that brought and taught Haitians together to build their first Earthship.

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