A Six-Session Investigation of the Toughest Objections to Christianity

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Author: Lee Strobel and Garry Poole

I know not everyone is interested in spiritual books so link ahead to other categories or articles here if you don’t care to explore what could be a way to discover new meaning and purpose in your life.  I’ve read several books by C.S. Lewis recently which I really enjoyed, like The Screwtape Letters, The Abolition of Man, and The Great Divorce.  The screwtape letters were wonderful and insightful in a sad and scary way while the other two were more intellectually challenging as they were a much harder to read from the sense of understanding the author, Lewis.

Anyway much of Lewis’ writings have triggered many other authors to seek their questions about God and Christianity and the Case for Faith is one of those examples, by Lee Strobel.  I’ve read several of Strobel’s other books (see my review of God’s Outragious Claims and The Case for Christ) and this book is definitely my favorite of the three.  Faith is something I have deeply grown in and it has become an important part of who I am, and it drives me to live the way I live.  It brings joy, contentment as well as turmoil and question about what I should be doing, what I can be doing and if I’m leading myself or letting God lead me?


Faith is a tough subject to write about, and even tougher to make arguments for since Faith itself is completely based on believing in something that you are not entirely sure about.  This book puts both of that into a mixture of questions around faith and Christianity, yet at the same time, providing a number of explanations and reasons why those questions are so important in the context of faith.  There are a number of interviews conducted in the book, with scholars and subject experts, both aethiest and Christian and Strobel presents them into a convincing set of apologetic answers and explanations that should be enough for any faith seeker to be convinced that there is ample truth and evidence in those many questions to warrant the faith that is then required to become a believer.

A few areas I especially liked in the book were how much of the atheist claims about science, evolution, and attempts to discredit the Word of God, have been repeatedly discredited by not only Christian research and scholars, but science as well.  I’ve learned some of this on my own researching science that has become the “standard explanation” for the origin of life and the universe.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of science taught in school as truths, when in reality, they are not proven any more than many of the cases this book argues.  I’ve met my share of atheists and even had arguments from them on this site, and surprisingly I see they have as much faith in their religion (I mean non-religion since that is what they would have you believe) as I have in mine.  That is still a clear case of faith and the ability to choose your faith should only be done with what can be believed with enough credit and evidence that you feel you can trust it, go with the uncertainly you still have and grow in that faith by experiencing the results of it.  This is where I feel Strobel’s book did an excellent job, covering in interviews how faith is not just an initial leap, but a transformation towards something through experience.  Faith leads to something you can truly know in your soul and that experience and relationship with Christ that so many discover is what separates believers in God and Christ from those who have a faith that He does not exist.  Not believing requires putting your faith in other people, scientific theory, research, scholars and much imagination, since there is no supernatural to explain the origin of life and the universe.

Strobel was once an atheist so many of his questions were formed when he was seeking answers and arguing against the requirements of faith which he now as a Christian, puts to the challenge with the evidence and arguments that he has collected to help others understand and explain some of the toughest objections to Christianity.  As with any book, and especially to the atheist, you have to understand this book is about a Case FOR Christ, it helps to steer you toward a Faith in Him that can change your life. I think the book is great for anyone seeking more answers about God, wanting to see arguments for or against their current views and to add a deeper perspective on what Faith really requires, regardless of your current believes, Christian or not.  It’s easy to read and doesn’t require you to know a lot of historical background or content from the Bible but of course that helps as many references are used as evidence but not the whole context of them outlined.  So, if Faith is either something you are lacking, want to strengthen or simply curious to explore what Faith is all about, I think you will then certainly enjoy, The Case For Faith!

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