Great Blog Resources

As usual, I like to share a handful of articles and resources I’ve enjoyed in recent weeks and this month I have a great set of useful links I’ve found and enjoyed recently. – Mark Tyrrell, a previous guest author here at wanted to share this site he has been involved in developing. Success Does Not Equal Happiness – A ready here, Jay, provided me with this free course he offers to anyone to learn more about finding happiness in life.  Take a look! 43 Things Your Future Boss Wants You to Know– A great resource if you are looking for career development tips.  All links to detailed articles on each item.

14 Fascinating Theories from Leadership Studies – Another link sent in to me about leadership, which I really like.

101 Timeless Lessons Life Teaches – A great list of lessons at Marc and Angel 12 Dozen Places to Self Educate Yourself Online 14 Zingers: How to Listen for Employee Engagement Great life learned lessons from David Zinger

Video Links and Articles

The Highest Rated TED Talks – If you don’t know about TED talks yet, you should, they are fantastic inspiring talks/presentations on a range of great topics

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