There are a lot of things people often seek and knowledge is one of them.  The traditional sense of knowledge however, is not strictly learned by traditional methods such as schooling, there are so many methods to learn and get smarter, I thought I’d start a list of the ones I know to help break the barrier that going back to school is the only way to get smarter.

  1. Use free class material often online at various schools
  2. Find and study the text books from classes without actually attending (old text books are very cheap or even free as an added bonus)
  3. Read online blogs on topics of interest
  4. Have discussions online in forums or as comments about a topicget smarter
  5. Start writing your own content on a subject
  6. Start your own blog and commit to writing on a regular basis on subjects of interest
  7. Video a short documentary on a subject
  8. Create a link page or resource list that you learn from and refer back to
  9. Read books from experts on a subject and a wide variety of books (fiction AND non-fiction)
  10. Read books from those who oppose a particular subject to broaden your knowledge
  11. Look up and remember classic sayings so you know its origins
  12. Study a new word in your native language to expand your vocabulary
  13. Study with online courses or take up a new skill through self learning or by classes
  14. Listen to your spouse (or significant other)
  15. Share experiences with others and find lessons in those experiences
  16. Tell stories and listen to stories from others
  17. Take your hobbies more seriously and join hobbyist clubs / organizations to learn from others
  18. Compete in a hobby to force yourself to learn more about it
  19. Take up a trade or craft and become more skilled in that area through practice
  20. Teach something you know to others and gain insight through their questions and methods of learning it
  21. Sit down with your elder relatives and ask them for words of wisdom they have found in life
  22. Ask professionals in your industry of work about the most important things they have learned
  23. Don’t believe everything you hear or read the first time, verify it and check a second source
  24. Learn some brief biographies of famous people from your famous quotes or sayings, you might be surprised at how much they knew you can learn from
  25. Read biographies, sometimes these books share more insight about life then the best instructional books or courses
  26. Take courses on topics you don’t know a lot about yet.
  27. Attend and participate in community groups that share and teach new topics
  28. Find associations that help organize like-minded people together for discussions
  29. Join a book club or study group
  30. Join toastmasters or other public speaking group, as they continuing teach and help you learn new topics
  31. Get a mentor to help ask you questions about self-discovery
  32. Use a life coach to learn more about your self
  33. get smarterWatch TED videos online
  34. Subscribe to various technical feeds or technology newscasts to keep up with technology
  35. Use podcasts to learn new subjects or news
  36. Listen to audio books while you commute to always learn more
  37. Learn a second language (or third)
  38. Travel to experience and learn more about other cultures
  39. Stop watching television or be more selective to only watch education content
  40. Add some documentaries to your movie selection
  41. Do some volunteering or community service to learn about local problems
  42. Look up tutorials or learning topics with online video such as at YouTube
  43. Take on a project yourself instead of hiring it out, to learn how to do it
  44. Pay or hire out work you ‘could’ do yourself, so you have time to learn more new things
  45. Dedicate some fixed time every day to learning, at the same time since the brain works best repeating new actions
  46. Learn to gain a better quality sleep so you are well rested without losing more time to sleeping
  47. Eat healthy foods and a diet that promotes good brain activity and body functions
  48. Get daily exercise as blood flow and metabolism help activate the brains memory
  49. Practise memory improvements as it can help you learn all things easier and faster
  50. Know and emphasize your own learning patterns, whether they be audible, visual or kinesthetic

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