Using small wins to ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work.

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Author: Teresa Amabile and Stephen Kramer

The Progress Principle Principle is explained in this book with thorough research and great examples as forward momentum in the workplace by everyday events that make employee’s inner work lives better.  The book looks at helping people finding more joy in their work, break away from obstacles to progress and to instill catalysts for creativity and progress.  I personally didn’t find a lot of new inspiring content in this book, but it does cover its subjects well and provide a convincing set of actions anyone could use.  I just found that I’ve read so much of this in other books, there were not many new ideas to work from.

The authors focus on 3 main components of inner work life and dedicate a major chapter each:

  1. Progress Principle: The power of meaningful accomplishment
  2. The Catalyst Factor: The power of project support
  3. The Nourishment Factor: The Power of Interpersonal Support
There are some excellent points in this book about recognizing and making progress, using and bringing leadership to encourage it, finding things that ignite your own work happiness and of course then using other factors to encourage progress.  The two big ones of catalysts and nourishment I really liked and are often missing in people’s work lives or workplaces even when there is great accomplishments besides them.  Without them however, there is often little or no joy in the work and any progress fades quickly from keeping the workplace a thriving place of enjoyment.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in seeking their own progress in their career and especially to anyone who has made good progress, but does not seem to have the joy they want in their workplace.  This book will help you recognize what might be missing and to show you ways to bring that into your own work life or workplace.  It is probably more suitable to new supervisors or managers but can obviously be useful to any position since leadership can happen at any level, and influence in a leadership position will help you made a bigger impact with these tools from the book.

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