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Resource Links image Lightning Photos I’ve taken in the last few storms of the fall season (Fork Lightning & Sheet Lightning) 100 Ways to Be a Better Father – A spawn from a cycle of other 100 lists, and a good list it is! 17 Unspoken Rules of LinkedIn Etiquette Top 50 Leaders in Leadership – I was fortunate to be pointed out by Steve McMillan that I am on this leadership list.  There are so many other great leadership sites / blogs on this list, I just had to share it! 8 Timeless Tips to Achieve Excellence in Life 2012′s Top Ten Insights on Leadership, Innovation, and Strategy – This is a great list of links to some fantastic articles and resources on strategy, leadership and innovation from this past year. Isn’t Life Beautiful at the Bridgemaker blog. Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change


Athletes are everywhere, doing what they love Speaking of Athletes.  Here is an awesome video of mountain unicycling. People are Amazing 2012

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