Often a new challenge to face is a challenge specifically because that skill or activity has a steep learning curve.  This can come about from a new job, hobby, sport or activity and in order to overcome the challenges, you have to first face that learning curve.  LearnThis is all about methods of learning and personal development, which the learning curve is always a big part of.  How do you face a steep learning curve when something new comes your way? Well, I hope this articles can outline some approaches to use and some methods to tackle such a learning curve.learning curve

Know what you Don’t Know

Attitude is one of the main roadblocks when facing a learning curve as there are very different reactions to this problem.  Some people will have a tendency to to stay very open to new things, they will understand that they need or want to learn more and they are open minded and willing to accept that they don’t know how to do it.  Yet.  That is the key, yet.  Other people will actually hide from admitting they don’t know something and they will avoid these areas instead of diving in with interest.  These people tend to come across as egotistical or even arrogant since they are unwilling admit to others, let along themselves what they don’t know. It’s important to be ready and willing to admit what you don’t know so you are mentally prepared to learn new things and to even have a desire to.

As you do learn a subject, the variation in responses can also change dramatically from person to person.  In order to beat the learning curve best, it’s better to assume you are still on the learning curve and to be open to learning more than to get to a point and decide that you know enough.  Once you close off to continual learning, you will typically block yourself from expanding your views and it can be extremely limiting.  Keep the approach to learn more and know there is always going to be a learning curve to advance on, even if you have already  learned the basics or a lot of what you need.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning without practice really isn’t going to do you much good.  In order to truly remember things and know how to apply them, learning itself simply pools knowledge and its what you do with knowledge that let you make a difference.  I recently wrote another article on Learning Habits and Applying Knowledge which emphasizes the importance of applying what you learn to really master it.  This is done with practice and practice will train you to use your new found knowledge in useful situations.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while learning, just do your best to recover from them and not repeat them.  Everyone makes mistakes when learning new things and its one of the fastest ways to improve.  What really matters when you’re learning is how you respond to mistakes and that you continue to learn, despite making them.

Don’t Stop

Lastly, and likely the most important, is to never give up or stop learning.  For a particular subject, this is obviously important and if you want to beat the learning curve, you might find it difficult and very challenging to overcome.  With perseverance, practice and the right approach however, you will eventually overcome that learning curve and get confident and comfortable with the skill or activity you are working to learn.  As you overcome a subject and feel comfortable, there is always more to learn and so while you might not seek out learning that subject more if you don’t feel you need it, you should always be ready and willing to learn more about it should the need or interest come back.  This also applies for related subjects so you can expand what you’ve learned even further.

The whole process of learning and behaviors it takes to beat the learning curve can be used over and over for all kinds of subjects and skills.  Don’t stop with one topic, don’t stop learning once you get the job of interest, or the degree you’ve been working towards.  Keep learning, expand your skills and make learning something that comes naturally and constantly in your life, as you will have many more successes, enjoy a variety of experiences and have a lot more opportunities to develop and find things you are truly passionate about and can enjoy in life.  This is a big reason why I started LearnThis.ca and I know learning and having to beat the learning curve will be something I’ve always facing, as I don’t ever intend to be complacent and stop expanding and learning new things.  I hope you don’t as well!

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