Well,  I’ve had a few articles about bodyweight training and I’ve been writing a little less on the blog lately, and working out and writing my training app a whole lot more.  I’ve been doing bodyweight training fairly consistently for the last few years (thanks to Parkour) and so I decided that I wanted an app to help me track progress in workouts and to make the many exercises for bodyweight training available in one convenient app.  Plus all the apps I’ve tried or found are more specific to workout programs or fitness in general, there were none that let me be in total control of what I do in my workout and simply help me track my specific exercises.

One of the reasons I’ve loved bodyweight training so much is that I can do it anytime, anywhere for just a few minutes or a long workout session.  There is little to no equipment needed and I can work out with anyone, since everything has so many progressions in it the movements can always be made easier or more difficult, depending on skill.  Also, the skills themselves and movements themselves in bodyweight training are far more enjoyable than lifting weights or a general fitness program.  Cross fit is another example of this, which is why so many people love it, its fun to move and development skills when training.  These are some of the reasons why I wanted to build an app for bodyweight training (plus I wanted to learn more about these development tools for career reasons).


So, I’ve called it BodyMaster and it’s a pure webapp so you can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.  I’ve designed the layout to be responsive for smaller displays and for your desktop and it also works in an offline mode so you don’t even need an internet connection after you’ve downloaded it the first time.

I’ll be cleaning up more workflow items with it and need to do more testing on different devices, as I’ve primarly used the desktop and my Android phone, which it works great on.  There is also a feature to synchronize your data with you email and password so that you can upload your results online and re-sync that to another browser if you want to use it on your phone and then sync that to your desktop for example.  Each browser will have to run the sync to upload results.

Anyway, I hope you can find some time to check it out, add a bookmark to use it online or offline and start learning more of the useful bodyweight training exercises that I’ve got in the app.  There are currently 257 exercises to do and learn from!!!

I’d love to hear what you think of the app and some of the exercise lists and I hope you can find some use for it!

Open the Bodymaster Free Web App here!

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