studying to learnLately, I’ve been doing a lot less blogging.  I still enjoy it however, one thing I’ve shifted from is how much I actually learn from blogging now from what I used to learn from it.  It seems looking back, that learning to blog, research topics, write content, market it, share it and discuss it with others had me learning as much about that whole process as the content itself I was writing about.  That process of so many added things to learn kept me quite excited about blogging and with so much of that becoming regular work instead of something to learn each time I had something to write, I found new ways to learn about and explore that content, not always in a blog article.  One way has been to put more of these ideas into practice and in life, to actually make ideas habits, instead of words.  Habits are something that drive so much of what we do and anytime there is something to change, you should look at what habits you want to form and if there are any habits you already have to replace with those new habits.  This is especially true because you cannot simply stop a habit, you always have to replace it with something new, and that makes habits very powerful for learning and change.

This is something I get to see in my own goal setting, in helping others set goals and in coaching people to drive change.  Habits are one of the first places I look and ideally, you find new habits to practice and make the old habits the triggers for those since they are always going to keep happening.  Change is something I’ve always able to easily embrace and often an advocate for.  It lets me explore and be creative with new ways of doing things and it keeps me motivated when I can explore a variety of things in life, include the tools and methods of how I do things (even old consistent things I’ve done for the a long time).

Recently, the new ways I’ve been doing some of my old past times is in my physical activity and training.  With back injury, I had to really step back from some of the intense physical training and activities I was doing for a while, but I have slowly progressed back to where I was and able to easily keep habits now that allow me to stay physically fit for these activities.  Whether I’m back out on the mountain unicycle in the rockies, practicing parkour or rock climbing, I can be confident that my training regime now better supports these practices and the training I do is habitual.  Bodyweight training with parallettes and gymnastic rings have become my new default training tools and they let me keep in shape for the physical activities I enjoy.


In learning some of these news training / exercise styles, I’ve taken to using and watching a lot of great content online with youtube and finding some of the best channels to learn these skills.  I focus a lot on form and learning how to do things right, safely and with slow and safe progressions to ensure I never hurt myself badly again and to ensure I pick things up correctly so I don’t start or learn any bad habits which then need to be replaced again.  This has worked very well to find and develop skills in bodyweight training and my style of learning is then to train what I learn to others to help really set it in stone and to force a clear understanding of why to do things a certain way, so I can explain and teach that myself.  Again , this works well for me and I’ve since developed my Bodymaster webapp for tracking bodyweight exercises and I’ve setup a small fitness centre at my office and regularly train with some others who are just learning some of these same skills, whom I’ve able to help them through various levels of safe progressions, just like I learned.  The Bodymaster app was similar for me, in that I was learning to write applications with javascript and html5 and also wanted to learn jQuery mobile for making the app run easily on mobile devices.  It was a great learning experience and I was able to merge both learning the programming needed as well as the body weight progressions needed.

So, these are some of my recent learning experiences, I have many more I could write about in coaching, leadership, rock climbing, additional bodyweight training and probably others, as it is a common way for me to learn new skills and I know I will continually looking for ways to make habits of new things, to explore and combine areas of learning and to tie things I want to learn to interests that keep me easily motivated.  I hope you can find similar connections to things you have to learn and I’d love to hear about any ways or things you’ve been learning lately in comparison.

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