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Enables you to track your workouts, get fit and have fun doing it all with body weight training!

Body weight training uses your own body weight to add resistance for building strength, burning fat, gaining balance and to improve your overall fitness and flexibility.
This means you do not need any expensive training equipment and you can do your workouts pretty much anywhere you go not being bound to a gym or having the costs of your own equipment.
A few simple pieces of equipment will help, but they are not needed.


What is Bodymaster?

Bodymaster is free webapp intended to help anyone learn and track their bodyweight exercises.

Exercise Results are tracked and recorded for every individual exercise so you can know how many sessions of that exercise you’ve done, the total count of each and your personal best for each exercise. Each exercise encourages you to stay at your personal best each time. This is so you can slowly improve and keep improving over time.

Progression is simply a series of simpler exercises that get more and more difficult as you get better at them. Each of the series of exercises are ordered from simplest to most difficult and so you should always start at the top and progress through them ONLY when you are capable of easily completing the easier moves and are doing it with good form and consistency. BodyMaster can now run OFFLINE as well!